Welcome to my author site! 

The first book I ever loved was The Secret Cat. It’s the first book I remember, it had a princess in it (I love princesses), and she was the smartest person in the book—even at age three, that was important to me. 

I memorized that book and pretended to read it although I couldn’t figure out what word went with what group of black marks. 

Eventually, I did learn to read. I practically lived in my local library, impatient to be old enough to leave the children’s section. In the meantime, I wrote plays in the second grade on fascinating subjects, like the counties of New Jersey and the five basic tools. Yup, killer plots, incredible characters, arcs, climaxes, and happy endings! And an indulgent teacher who let me perform them with tiny rubber animals.

But, now I write about people (there really is only so much one can say about a pulley)—YA contemporary novels with a touch of the speculative. 

When I’m not writing or reading, I’m leading writing workshops. Or walking around the woods near my house, taking art classes, going to museums (and eating in museums—food and art!—two of my favorite things). I’m also an English sword dancer, which is how I met my morris-dancing English husband. 

I’m represented by Marcy Posner at Folio Literary Management, and I can’t wait for you to read my books.