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Susan guides our discussions with skill and confidence, showing by example how to listen carefully to each work in order to search out what is vibrant and fresh about it. Her method works wonders in that it quickly allows our writing to move from strength to strength; it teaches us what we’re good at. Over time, session to session, we discover our own vocabulary, our own themes, our own peculiar story lines. An exhilarating process.

                                                                        J Dee Gill


Susan is a wonderful teacher… She tunes in to the smallest details, and her feedback is always productive and helpful. I learn so much from the writing of the other people in the class too. Susan has been an invaluable guide in helping me build confidence as a writer. 

                                                                                    T Lagerman


I have been astounded at the talent and ability of the other participants brought out especially by the knowledge, expertise and guidance of Susan… Prompts in myriad forms are given and add to the richness of the work. If one is working on a project be it a memoir or a book or story one can incorporate and enrich the project with the prompt or ignore it totally and write something else. Working together as a group enriches the experience and allows one to find out what is effective.

                                                                        P Collins